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Vintage Books Pulps and Magazines will be offensive to many people today.

They were issued before the current climate of political correctness overtook the world.


 Themes and certainly the covers are often racially insensitive, show violence to woman, or at least in a way we would not do so today.

 There may also be negative stereotyping of almost any group you can imagine.


Tigermunchkin in no way manner or form endorses these attitudes.

 However these Books, Magazines and Pulps are Historical fact and many people study them for one reason or another.

 This is their right in a free country, and if you find them personally offensive, you need only leave the page of the site.


We have built over 14,000 pages for this site so far and it is growing all the time, due to this we are constructing  the information on Authors at a different location.

There are several hundred items being added so to avoid blank pages, we suggest you use the small picture format- Thumbnail pages to navigate the site.


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