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Authentic Science Fiction Listing

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A British Magazine comprising of eighty-five issues and published by Hamilton & Co., Stafford.

Number 1 and number 2 were called "Authentic Science Fiction Series". (Also not numbered)

Number 3 to number 8 inclusive, were called "Authentic Science Fiction Fortnightly".

Number 9 to number 12 inclusive were called " Authentic Science Fiction Monthly"

Number 13 to number 28 inclusive were called "Authentic Science Fiction"

Number 29 to number 68 were again called " Authentic Science Fiction Monthly" and from number 69 to number 77 were again called " Authentic Science Fiction " but "Authentic Science Fiction Monthly" on the inside, with the last few from number 78 to the final issue numbered 85, being called " Authentic Science Fiction Monthly " yet again, but only " Authentic Science Fiction " on the inside.

To confuse things even more, issues number one to thirty inclusive were just numbered consecutively. Numbers thirty-one to fifty-two inclusive were issued as "Volume 1" with the corresponding number, only to revert to just numbers from issue 53 to the final issue number 85.

Just when you think you have grasped the situation, remember until issue 26 all books contained full stories. Number 26 contained short stories, as did the following.

Campbell, H.J. that is, took over as editor for issue number 29 and together with E.C.Tubb started to treat full-length novels as something that was better suited to Panther Books

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